We have been successfully treating men’s sexual health issues since 2009! We recommend that patients select a men’s clinic very carefully. We are not all the same! Our clinic has always been patient focussed and not profit-focused. We are a professional medical clinic. As a result, we offer a full range of treatment options (not just one option like some other clinics). You can visit us as many times as necessary in order to find the perfect treatment for you.

Our mission is to deliver gold standard care in both diagnostics, using state of the art equipment, and revolutionary treatments that go above and beyond your typical medical therapies.  Dr Stevens and Mark leads our highly experienced and progressive team to provide realistic expectations and support you at every step of your journey with us.  Simplification and science meet to help you achieve your goals.

The primary focus of our clinic is the diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone, Penis Enlargement, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, STD/STI and Low Sex Drive

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