Men’s Clinic Treatment Prices-Pricelist

Men’s Clinic Treatment Prices-Pricelist Consultation Fee R510 men’clinic We are a private urology practice providing expert urological surgical care.

Men’s Clinic is a specialized men’s health clinic that is designed to offer men the highest quality health services in confidential, quiet and comfortable surroundings.

We understand that as men, we have our own health concerns which is why we created Men’s Clinic to focus solely on these concerns.

We offer the highest levels of surgical expertise and compassionate care for patients seeking to regain their wellness and quality of life.

With state of the art facilities and an expert professional team, at  Men’s Clinic, we offer a comprehensive service, covering most aspects of urological care.

Our consultants have trained, practiced and taught in some of the best hospitals in the world. This enables us to bring extraordinary urological skillsets back to our private clinics. With a professional, personal service and the highest level of patient care, be assured that you are in the best possible hands.

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  1. Thank Mokwena

    Hi! I need your help, as am experiencing something that would shorten my life if you don’t help me by making my penis to erect again please, i am at limpopo Musina, my phone number is (0606403394) my email is (

  2. Morning Sir/Madam

    I am 52 years old man staying in Daveyton, Benoni. I have erectile dis-functional challlenges How can you help me, where is my your nearest office to my place?, do I have to make a booking to consult? and how much i will be the treatment?

    Best Regards

  3. I am 50yrs old now with 5 biological children. I have been trying to get my woman pregnant who came to our relationship with 2 children but she can’t fall pregnant now. Frm 2015 to 2020, she had 3x miscarriages but now she can’t fall pregnant anymore. I think now the problem lies on me bcos I am suffering from early ejaculation, I can only manage one round thereafter my penis can’t get up for second round, my sperms colour is no longer creamy white it’s now watery like nd I think I can’t produce children with such watery sperm or maybe my sperm count is very low. I hv now gained some weight nd I failed my BMI bcos my weight was 93kg instead of 87kg nd I was diagnosed obese. My worsed nightmare is that my penis seems schrinking nd this stress me alot as I am losing self confidence now bcos of that. How can u help me with regard to that?

  4. Hi I have a kid who has 12 years and after urine blood comes out can I bring him tomorrow n how much is it to consult, his penis is painful n is getting big

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